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Information about Council's Business Papers and Minutes

Business Papers

At Blacktown Council, reports are submitted to the appropriate Committee for detailed discussion and consideration by the Councillors on that Committee. The reports, together with attachments, are shown in the Committee Business Papers. These reports may not contain all the information held by Council or relevant to a particular issue and for further information, enquiries can be directed to the Council officer shown at the top of the report.

When opening a report, the body of the report, attachments and recommendation may have only the heading displayed. To access the text information under that heading, click on the “blue triangle” at the left hand margin. (This rule applies to all documents contained in the Business Papers and Minutes). A search facility using keywords is also available within the system.

The recommendations only from the Committees are then compiled in a Business Paper which goes to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on the following Wednesday evening, where these recommendations may be debated and can be accepted, amended or rejected.

Following the conclusion of the 3 weekly cycle, at the bottom of the report is shown:


Decisions made by Council about matters contained in the Business Paper reports are also recorded in the Minutes of the Council Meetings. Only those items extracted for debate and/or change at the Ordinary Meeting are shown in detail in the Minutes. Others items are shown by number only as being adopted without change.

Minutes for each Business Paper are listed under the date of the Ordinary Meeting. However, these minutes are not available until 3 weeks from the meeting date as they are required to be confirmed at the next Council meeting.

Minutes also contain Mayoral Minutes, Reports direct to that meeting, details of Petitions, Reports from Delegates, Questions and Business raised by Councillors at the Ordinary meeting.