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Welcome to DominoEasy

We provide quick and easy to access Cloud based IBM Lotus & Domino Infrastructure and Managed Hosting Services. We constantly evaluate and upgrade tothe latest IBM Domino software.Choose from either Shared or Dedicated Application Services from various Global locations to ensure the quickest access speeds for your customer user base.

We provide full infrastructure redundancy and security, managed byexperienced IBM Domino & Lotus Administrators.Our facilities management is backed up by 24/7 Service Desks coveringIncident Management, Request Fulfillment, Access Management, Events and Problem Management functions.

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Why DominoEasy?

We love IBM Lotus Notes Domino ! We have worked with this great product for 15 years now. The robustness and speed of Application Development combined with the world class messaging capabilities reduces the Total Cost of Ownership compared to other platforms.We believe that by providing the lowest cost managed cloud services we can assist more organisations to realise these benefits. Weprovide Cloud Domino & Lotus Servicesas a shared cost center, which meansextremely low cost covering margins. Our fees are made in providingBusiness Solutions, Application Development and Support Services. We have been providingBusiness Solutions based in the Cloudfor 10 years already !

Service Highlights

IBM Domino Managed Application Cloud Infrastructure - Choose fromShared or Dedicated - Choose from6Globally located data center accesspoints.

Cloud Apps & Support Services - All the professional Administration Support you need, from Internet Domain Management, complete Email Services to Application Development Support and Cloud Applications.

Getting Started - Sign Up

Select from the left navigator to investigate your choose of services and follow the Sign Up instructions at the bottom of each page.

Note: Over time yourwill see constant Service enhancements which improve yourability tocompletely self management all your services. Our Service Desk turn around is one business day.